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Week beginning 6th February 2017

This week we will be tasting Chinese food and we will be deciding what food we like or dislike.

Last week, we had our mini Ladybirds council and the older children were able to tell us what they liked about Ladybirds and what role play ideas they would like to see. The 'minutes' will be sent out soon for each day!

Just a reminder that we are on our half term holiday next week from Monday 13thFebruary until Friday 17th February. We return to Ladybirds on Monday 20th February. We hope you all have a great time. 

We will be having 2 INSET days for Shrovetide so NO LADYBIRDS ON:
Tuesday 28th February
Wednesday 1st March

From next half term, we will be inviting parents and family members into Ladybirds for visits to show you what we do during the sessions. During March, we would like to show you our play dough disco time (week beginning 6thMarch) and also invite Mums (or a family member) into Ladybirds for the annual tea party (week beginning 20th March). Invites will be coming out nearer the time to remind you all!

It has come to our attention that parents are still parking on the zigzag lines, on the pavements and also in the lay-by when the cones are out. School have placed signs out to remind us all about the safety of our little ones. PLEASE park in a safe place. We have noticed that the traffic wardens have also been giving tickets, so watch out! We understand that there are limited parking spaces, so if you can walk to school or park in town and walk the extra bit, then please do.  

Have a great half term holiday. 




The safety of our children, staff and parents is paramount, therefore should any emergency occur in playgroup or playgroup is required to close for any reason, the following procedure will be adhered to :

Becky Dutton will inform the Supervisor, who will then contact the staff for that day. Becky Dutton will contact Radio Ashbourne (01335 346967) and also enter the information on the web site with details of closure.

*      The Staff will report to work as normal and stay in playgroup.
*      School will contact playgroup and inform them of a meeting or closure.
*      If a meeting takes place, the Supervisor will nominate a member of staff to attend the meeting. The nominated member of staff will wait until the St Oswald’s School Headteacher has made a decision.
*      Parents will be asked to stay with their children in the cloakroom until a decision has been made.
*      If the decision is to close, parents will be asked to take their children home.

The Supervisor in charge will contact all parents/guardians immediately and ask for children to be collected or to inform them that playgroup will be closed

Week beginning 17th October 2016

This week we will be trying to follow all our golden rules!

1. We are kind and helpful
2. We say use our manners and say please and thank you
3. We listen to each other

We will talk about how we can make sure that the rules are followed and what we can can do to get a ladybird spot on the board.

It has come to our notice that the term dates on the website are incorrect. Please accept our apologies.

Term dates are below :
Autumn 1 term
INSET DAY – No play group – Monday 5thSeptember 2016
Term starts on :  Tuesday  6th September 2016
Term finishes on : Friday 21st October 2016 (half term)

Autumn 2 term
Term starts on : Monday 31st October 2016
Term finishes on : Friday 16th December (Christmas holidays)
INSET DAYS Monday 19thDecember, Tuesday 20th December 2016

Spring 1 term
Term Starts : Tuesday 3rd January 2017
Term finishes on : Friday 10th February 2017 (same as DCC)
Spring 2 term
Term starts on : Monday 20th February 2017
INSET DAYS - INCORPORATING SHROVETIDE - Tuesday 28th February, Wednesday 1st March 2017
Term finishes on : Friday 7th April 2017 (Easter Holidays)

Summer 1 term
Term starts on : Monday 24th April 2017
May Bank Holiday - Monday 1st  May 2017
Term finishes – Friday 26th May 2017 (half term)
Summer 2 term
Term starts – Monday 5th June 2017
Term finishes – Friday 21st July 2017 (summer holiday) 

We finish term on Friday 21st October and return on Monday 31stOctober. During the holidays, please can you fill a bag with ‘autumn objects’? We will be looking at the finds when we get back! Have a super holiday and stay safe.

New initiative - working with St Oswald's Primary School from September 2017

St Oswald’s C.E. Infant School
St Oswald’s C.E. Primary School (from September 2017)
Pre-Publication Consultation on a Proposal by the Governing Body for the Extension of the Age Range of the School from 5-11 years to 3-11 years

St Oswald’s Infant school will become a full primary school by September 2017with an age range of 5-11 years. Our current provision enables children to attend an EYFS setting for 4-5 year olds and then a Key stage 1 setting. St Oswald’s Ladybirds Pre-school is situated on the school site and offers sectional places to children before they begin school.
We propose to extend the age range of our school from 5-11 years to 3-11 years.
We propose to work in partnership with the current PVI provider on our site to deliver a flexible approach to nursery entitlement in Ashbourne.
We propose that working with St Oswald’s Ladybirds Pre-school between us we are able to offer the entitled 30 hours of funding.
We propose that we can accommodate 26 three/four year olds within the setting.
We propose to recruit 1 qualified teacher and ensure there is 1 trained teaching assistant thus meeting the correct ratios of 1:13.
It is our proposal following consultation to have clear and detailed discussion with HR consultants and School Support Finance Officers as the school extends its age range.
The Authority receives funding from the Government, in the form of Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG), for all children who have reached the age of 3 by the 31 December prior to the January School Census. These children are currently eligible for a maximum of 15 hours of free early year’s provision. In addition, there is DSG funding for children aged 2 who may also qualify for up to 15 hours of free childcare if they meet one or both of the Government’s specific two-year old criteria.
The school will receive its funding for eligible children under Derbyshire’s Early Years Single Funding Formula (EYSFF), a common formula which funds all of the free entitlement for children in nursery units within a mainstream school, nursery schools and private, voluntary and independent settings. Funding will be based on a count of actual weekly hours attended by qualifying children as at the three School Census points (i.e. January, May and October). 
Following the consultation further discussions will be held regarding finance.
Pre-publication Consultation
The consultation on this proposal will be for four weeks from Friday 7th October to Friday 4th November

The consultation document will be available on request from the Clerk to the Governors at the address and e-mail address below, and is available on the school’s website and on www.derbyshire.gov.uk .

Any comments, observations or objections should be sent to –

Mrs K Wright
c/o St Oswald’s C.E. Infant school
Mayfield Road

De6 1AS

week beginning 26th September 2016

This week we will thinking about feelings such as happy, sad, excited and tired. We will be listening to music and then talk about how it makes us feel.

It is a sad week as we are saying goodbye to Tracey Elston. She has been working at Ladybirds for 18 years. We wish her all the very best for her future....once a ladybird, always a ladybird.  ☺


Dear Parents and Carers,

WELCOME BACK!  We hope you have all had a great summer holiday!

We welcome 25 new children and their families to playgroup this term. We hope you all settle in quickly. We are always available to chat should you have any worries or concerns.

Our main aim is that your children come to playgroup feeling happy and secure with us. We are also aware that for some parents, this is the first time you may have left your child with someone other than family. You can be assured that we will take good care of them. We will work with you to ensure a smooth transition from home to playgroup. Please don’t worry if your child takes some time to settle, we have all been parents and our own children have been to this playgroup, so we know what you are going through too! It will be fine, we promise!

The themes we will be covering are :
‘All about me’
We will be finding out about each other as well as taking part in activities all about our senses.

Please make sure that you label EVERYTHING with your child’s name. It is important that we know what item of clothing and which bag belongs to whom! We have our own ladybird bags so the children can take their art work home. If you would like to purchase one, please ask a staff member. The bags are priced £3. It is big enough for any extra clothing your child may need too, so no need for extra ruck sacks.

Policy Updates
Our policies have been reviewed and updated where appropriate.

Dates for your diaries
Term dates are on the website, so please make a note of them in your diary, we will also put reminders on the notice board too!

Payments of fees must be paid daily, weekly, monthly, half termly in advance. Fees from September 2016 for an afternoon session will be £10

Should your child not be able to attend Ladybirds, then please let us know by telephone ot text on the first day if illness. Thank you.

During the holiday Tracey Elston and Karen Bennett resigned from their posts at Ladybirds. Karen’s last day will be on Thursday 8th September and Tracey’s last day will be on 30thSeptember. We will miss them very much and thank them for the long years of service that they have given to Ladybirds. We all wish them well in their new adventure.

Anita Lasek will be joining us as our Supply Assistant.

All our staff pictures are on the notice board. We all wear badges, so if you are not sure who we are, ask us or look at the photos! We aim to be approachable, so if you are worried about anything to do with your child or playgroup, come and talk to us, even if you think it is silly!

Please keep up to date by using the website pages. There is a blog each week so you know what we will be doing and reminders too! Keep a look out on the notice board in the playground as you arrive too for any reminders.

We hope that the new term will be as exciting! We look forward to getting to know all the new parents and children, as well continuing to develop our friendships with those who are staying with us.


Becky, Tracey, Julie, Karen, Michelle , Clare, Tracey CK, Donna


This is where we will add newsletters next term so be sure to visit often to keep up to date with what's happening.
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